6.5 Creedmoor Precision Match Brass Cases - Unprimed
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  • Eagle Eye Precision Match Unprimed Brass Cases Two Horizontal
  • Eagle Eye Precision Match 6.5 Creedmoor Unprimed Brass Cases One Horizontal One Vertical
  • Eagle Eye  Precision Match 6.5 Creedmoor Unprimed Brass Cases Inside 100 Round Box with EVA Foam Insert
  • Eagle Eye Precision 100 Round Box with Custom Molded EVA Foam Insert

6.5 Creedmoor Unprimed Cases


 Product Description

Eagle Eye Precision Match brass cases set standards for longevity and consistency. Eagle Eye cases have been used by numerous members of the US Rifle and Palma Team at National and World Championship competitions. Our cases come fully prepped ready for loading. Our cases provide shooters 10+ reloads and exceptionally consistent velocity standard deviations load after load. The robustness also translates to less prep work between reloadings.  The cases are packed in Eagle Eye 100 round boxes with EVA foam inserts that have custom drilled holes for each case to ensure there is no damage to the necks prior to loading. Producing the highest quality cases starts with the best quality brass. Quality control checks are performed at every step throughout the case manufacturing process as well as a final acceptance test. Exceptional attention is paid to internal volume, neck hardness, concentricity and dimensional tolerances to ensure maximum accuracy.  The brass is screened to ensure the lowest levels of impurities before manufacturing begins. This is because even minute traces of unwanted impurities can cause microscopic defects resulting in case fractures after only a few reloads or bubbling and warping of the brass which distorts concentricity. The proprietary manufacturing and annealing processes used to make Eagle Eye cases provide optimal metallurgic properties and dimensional tolerances which help maintain accuracy load after load. This processes produce a harder brass composition near the primer pocket while allowing for an optimized hardness near the case mouth and neck. This ensures the most consistent neck thickness and concentricty to maximize accuracy. 

 Product Reviews

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  1. NUMBER ONE 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th May 2017

    The best looking box i have seen. The brass is very well made i did a little prep just cause that's what i do more then likely wasted my time , shot ordered 200 Rds and shot a 100 Rds so far and have the lowest SD I Have had dropped to 3.7 with a es of 6 ordered another 300 Rds As long as they last i will be purchasing more for sure.

  2. Update 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Apr 2017

    Yup, these are awesome. Don't even think twice if you want the best brass, with large rifle primers...these are going to last a lot of loadings. Could you guys do some 280 for my AI...?

  3. First Impressions 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Apr 2017

    The box is nicer than my Rolex Box. No Kidding....
    The cartridges are obviously beautiful, I use nosler in 280 ai and these are...prettier. Nosler's do shoot great, but I digress...
    Just loaded them, no shooting yet, but I have 100% faith in these guys, fired all their other stuff and it's the best loaded ammo available.
    One note, I bought 8 lbs RL16 to start reloading 6.5. These cases feel thick, which is good, but I could only fit 40 grains or less and still had compressed loads with 140 eld-x's. Had to crunch them to get down to 2.825, which creates erratic oal's.
    They may blow out bigger after fire-forming, and RL16 is noted to be less-dense (fit less in case) than other powders. I loaded them up long as I single feed anyway and can make up shorties to hunt with in small quantities. Just trying to be help-full, and will updated as I get more data.

  4. Ready to Rock and Roll 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Feb 2017

    Very well made and packaged. Not a single ding on the neck or case mouth. As advertised no prep work needed. Loaded them straight up with 42gr of h4350 for an SD of 4 :D If these last as long as the 308 cases I'll be set on brass for a good while.




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