Precision Match

Consistency Is Accuracy

Consistent breathing, consistent trigger press and consistent ammunition are essential to shooting the smallest groups and making long range hits every time. Until now, shooters were forced to hand load ammunition to achieve the consistency necessary for the most accurate precision shooting.

Eagle Eye Precision Match Ammunition is Tested to 1/2 Minute of Angle or Better

Eagle Eye Precision 223 Rem 69gr HBPT 100 Meter Electronic Testing Results Printout

- Highest quality brass provides 10+ reloads from each case
 - Consistent Thermally Stable Single Base Smokeless Propellant
- Match Grade Non-Corrosive Boxer Primers
- Ballistics Optimized for Long Range Precision Shooting Beyond 1,000 Yards

A shooter can never shoot better than his ammunition is capable of. By making due with lower quality ammunition shooters are choosing larger less accurate groups and losing a competitive advantage. Shooting lower quality ammunition is like giving the competition a head start. How much are you willing to handicap yourself by not shooting Eagle Eye Precision Match?

Whether you are a recreational shooter, long range hunter or world class competition shooter Eagle Eye Precision Match will give you an edge over the competition.


Eagle Eye Precision Match Cases


Eagle Eye Precision 308 win cases quality sampling during production.jpg

Eagle Eye Precision 308 Win Cases Selected for Quality Sampling During Production (Neck Forming Done in a Subsequent Stage)

Eagle Eye Precision offers the most consistent and robust cases providing shooters 10+ reloads. Producing such high quality cases starts with the best brass. Quality control checks are performed at every step throughout the case manufacturing process as well as a final acceptance test. Unlike other manufacturers who purchase mass produced brass cups to make cases, Eagle Eye cases are precision formed from individual raw brass discs. Brass is screened to ensure the lowest levels of impurities before manufacturing cases and bullet jackets. This is because even minute traces of unwanted impurities can cause microscopic defects resulting in case fractures after only a few reloads or bubbling and warping of the brass which distort concentricity.

Eagle Eye Precision 223 Rem Cases Selected for Quality Sampling During Production (Flash Hole Added in a Subsequent Stage)

Eagle Eye Precision Cases are also made using a proprietary annealing process provides optimal hardness improving consistency down to the molecular level. This process produces a harder brass composition near the primer pocket while allowing for a softer composition near the case mouth and neck. During production, sample cases are actually cut into multiple pieces to measure the hardness across the case ensuring transitions according to the tightest engineering tolerances.

308 Win Unprimed Brass by Eagle Eye Ammo

Completed Eagle Eye Precision Cases: 308 Win