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MOTUS Review of Eagle Eye Precision Ammunition


I recently had the pleasure of extensively testing what is now my favorite factory .308 ammunition on the market. The company that produces this superior product is Eagle Eye Precision. The gentlemen there have managed to create a proprietary 175gr. HPBT (Hollow Point Boat Tail) round and .308 casing that has much tighter tolerances than its leading competitors. What this means is that this ammo has a consistent burn which translates into consistent MV (Muzzle Velocity). The best part is Eagle Eye makes sure they use the same powder and primers in every lot they send out the door. Each lot also goes through a series of quality control testing before being sent out to the public. This creates an unfathomable consistency across lots, which is hard to find in factory ammunition. In the world of long-range, we know that “consistency equals accuracy,” which happens to be the slogan printed on their boxes.

Eagle Eye Precision

I tested this ammo in some of the most extreme hot weather temperatures in sunny Arizona in the middle July. When testing this ammo I was mainly running a Sako TRG 22 that has 20 inch barrel with a 1 in 11 twist. The temperature reached as high as 115 degrees that day. With extremes such as these, the ammo was still holding to its true half MOA (Minute of Angle) specifications and better. The best part was that after a string of 5, I was getting a SD (Standard Deviation) of 4 fps (feet per second) and an extreme deviation of 13 FPS, which is unheard of for factory ammo in ideal conditions. Eagle Eye ammo was also consistently burning about 30-40 fps hotter than other competitors that I have used in my rifle before, which put me above 2,600 fps. I shot several different lots and never had a POI (Point of Impact) shift or change in muzzle velocities.

Eagle Eye Precision

Three round grouping at 100 yards with Eagle Eye Precision .308 175gr. ammunition.

Eagle Eye Precision

Three round grouping at 100 yards with Eagle Eye Precision .308 175gr. ammunition.

Eagle Eye Precision

After zeroing the ammo, I moved on to seeing what this round was capable of when shooting through a car windshield. I took two rounds from leading competitors and shot through a windshield at a target that was 100 yards away and approximately eight feet behind the windshield. As with the MV readings it yielded nothing but impressive results. I found there was only a very slight deviation high of about one inch. There was minimal expansion on each round as it went through the windshield and hit the intended target itself. This is all because Eagle Eye ammo consists of a bit harder copper jacketing than your average .308. Most of the competitors’ ammunition was tumbling into the target behind the glass. Eagle Eye Precision out performed them all in accuracy, expansion and deviation.
Eagle Eye PrecisionEagle Eye PrecisionEagle Eye Precision

Finally I got to really test the capabilities of this ammo by shooting steal targets that where 9in x 15in from 300 yards to 550 yards and 18in x 30in from 750 yards all the way out to 1,250 yards. Once the DOPE was established, it was a first or second round hit on every target that was engaged on that brutally hot day. Not only was the amount of rounds used to effectively engage each target impressive, but once I obtained that pin point hold for the targets, Eagle Eye’s outstanding consistency came into play with sub MOA groups on each target. Trust me when I say this makes wind calls so much easier because you know exactly where that round is going to go due to consistent muzzle velocities. Three for three on a 920-yard target lying down isn’t a bad day. However, it got even better when I took it out to 1,250 yards and once again it did nothing but impress with a first round hit followed by what was another half MOA grouping.

I’m sure most of you are thinking that this is too good to be true and that it has to be expensive ammo. The guys at Eagle Eye have made a competitive price point with brands like Black Hills, Lapua and many other factory match grade ammunition companies. Eagle Eye Precision also offers a .223 69gr HPBT match grade round for those of you with SPR’s (Special Purpose Rifle). This ammo lives up to its half MOA guaranteed motto. There is nothing bad to be said about this ammo and it is by far the most consistent factory ammunition that I have shot in a decade of precision long-range shooting.

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