Consistent breathing, consistent trigger press and consistent ammunition are essential to shooting the smallest groups and making long range hits every time. Until now, shooters were forced to hand load ammunition to achieve the consistency necessary for the most accurate precision shooting.

Ballistics Optimized for Long Range Precision Shooting Beyond 1,000 Yards

Tested to 1/2 MOA or Better For unsurpassed accuracy and the smallest groups

Lowest velocity standard devations for consistent long range trajectory

Highest quality brass provides 10+ reloads from each case

A shooter can never shoot better than his ammunition is capable of!

By making due with lower quality ammunition shooters are choosing larger less accurate groups and losing a competitive adventage. Shooting lower quality ammunition is like giving the competition a head start.

How much are you willing to handicap yourself by not shooting Eagle Eye Precision Match Ammunition?

Whether you are Military or Law Enforcement, a Recreational Shooter or a World Class Competition Shooter Eagle Eye Precision Match Ammunition will give you and edge over the competition.

consitency is accuracy

To ensure shooters the most accurate and consistent ammunition that will exceed the demands of world class marksmen, we have developed propietary machinery, state of the art of manufacturing processes and control systems which redefine how ammunition is manufactured. Eagle Eye Precision Match cartridges undergo constant testing throughout the manufacturing process. Modern statical quality control methods have been implemented and are monitoring by a Ph.D. statistician. Quality testing begins with extensive inspection to ensure conformity of all incoming raw materials and components. Advanced uni-variate and multi-variate control systems monitor production in real time with direct feedback loops to maintain the tightest tolerances. Once the cartridges are completed they undergo additional dimensional screening, each lot is test fired to 1/2 minute of angle or better, the velocities and trajectory are verified for unrivaled lot to lot consistency. Every round of Eagle Eye Precision Match ammunition is given a final hand inspection while being to hand packaged. All of our new 100 round boxes will incluide a data/range card which will be hand signed by an Eagle Eye quality engineer certifying the cartridges have been inspected and meet the highest quality standards.

Eagle Eye Precision Match ammunition is optimized for long range ballistic performance

There is much more to precision shooting, especially at long ranges, than just small groups on paper at 100 yards. While .5 minute or small groups at 100 yards is neve a bad thing, this alone does not guarantee a small group long ranges. It is important to look at the entire ballistic package. We load each cartridge to its full potential and focus on engineering a synergistic package between case geometry, propellant blends and optimal bullet design to maximixe long range ballistic performance. Specifically, we engineer our ammunition to offer the flattest trajectory, longest supersonic flight distance and minimal wind drift. Our state of the art manufactoring processes ensure the lowest velocity standard deviations for consistent long range trajectory round after round. This results in more hits on target at long range and more X's in competition.