Eagle Eye Custom Rifles


Eagle Eye Custom 6mm Creedmoor Rifle with Manusingfield Action, glass bedded Grayboe stock & Bix-n-Andy single stage trigger

Custom Rifles by Eagle Eye Precision 

Eagle Eye Precision is now offering a fully custom match rifles. Our rifles are engineered to provide the most precise match to our cases and ammunition. For the most discerning shooter seeking unparalleled consistency and accuracy, there is no greater precision shooting package than Eagle Eye Precision Match Ammunition and a Custom Eagle Eye Precision Rifle.


Producing the most consistent precision match ammunition requires a significant amount of shooting for research and development as well as ongoing manufacturing quality control. In addition to purchasing a wide variety of commercial off the shelf rifles, we also build a significant number of rifles in house and are constantly re-barreling rifles.

In order to offer ammunition that performs well in a wide variety of rifles, we take a robust parameter design approach in which we work to make our cartridges as insensitive as possible to uncontrollable factors such as different rifle and chamber specifications. To facilitate this, we build a significant number custom test rifles to study the effects of different factors on cartridge performance. For example, to account for various reamer specifications, we custom cut barrel chambers with different specifications such as varying freebore length and different neck diameters. We also study different barrel types, rifling patters and twist rates to name a few. A significant number of barrels in different specifications are continuously needed for ongoing manufacturing quality control testing. As a result, building rifles has been a common activity for us for many years now. On occasion, at the client’s request, we have made a limited number of custom rifles and are now proud to offer our custom rifles on a wider scale.

The Ultimate Match:

One primary reason people hand load ammunition is to specifically tailor the cartridge to their rifle. Given the robust parameter design approach we take, our ammunition tends to function well in a wide range of different rifles. However, for those who want the highest match possible between rifle and ammunition, Eagle Eye Custom Rifles are the answer. We build our custom rifles with the optimal chamber and barrel specifications to maximize the performance potential of our ammunition.


The Perfect Fit:

A significant portion of precision shooting is about getting into a stable or comfortable shooting position. Everyone has a different personal preference for what fits them best. We can build custom rifles in almost any combination one can think of. We have built rifles with chassis systems such as J-Allen, KRG, Masterpiece Arms and glass bedded stocks such as Grayboe, McMillan and Manners. Our expert gunsmiths can fine tune single or double stage triggers to your exacting preference. We can install a variety of rail options on the rifle, thread barrels, fit & time muzzle devices and provide custom painting or Cerakote finishes. If you can dream it we can build it.

For more information on building your custom Eagle Eye Precision Rifles, current inventory or availability of demo rifles email us at info@eagleeyeammo.com or call us at 878.779.4496.



Eagle Eye Custom Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor with J Allen JAE 700 Chassis and MausingfieldAction

 Eye Custom 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle with Manusingfield Action, J-Allen Chassis & Bix-n-Andy two stage trigger with Anschutz trigger shoe

Current Inventory ready to ship:

1) American Rifle Co. Nucleus Action with barloc, 24" Lothar Walther Barrel, Jewell trigger, Masterpiece Arms BA Competition Chassis in black with barricade stop - $2,750