JP LRP-07 With Eagle Eye Ammo - Semi-Automatic Precision at its Finest

by Justin Brown, PhD

JP LRP-07 With Eagle Eye Ammo Review - Semi-Automatic Precision at its Finest

Long Range Shooting 1,000 Yards Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr OTM

10 Months ago we purchased a JP LRP-07 chambered in 308 Winchester. In that time, the JP has become our 308 rifle of choice. While the LRP is generally considered an AR-10 type firearm, we would argue the similarities are barely skin deep. JP has thoroughly engineered numerous aspects and new components to specifically address the shortcomings of an AR platform in a precision rifle implementation. However, to suggest that the JP LRP is simply an enhanced AR-10 would be a bit of an understatement. The brilliant engineering advancements present in the LRP cumulatively create one of the finest precision rifles we have ever had the privilege to shoot.

Traditionally, choosing a semi-automatic rifle for precision shooting meant obtaining a higher rate of fire came at the cost of accuracy, reliability and the need to adopt new shooting methods to compensate for slow lock times and the reciprocating mass of the bolt carrier group. Unlike the vast majority of AR platform rifles on the market, JP rifles are not simply an amalgamation of generic off the shelf OEM parts. The LRP is designed and engineered specifically to be a precision rifle with the major mechanical component engineered and built in house. Combined with unsurpassed attention to detail and commitment to quality, the entire system works together flawlessly in a beautifully finished package.

The LRP-07 receiver set is machined from 7057-T6 Billet providing a sold sturdy platform for a precision rifle at a reasonable weight. Our rifle was finished with a matte black anodizing and the barrel featured a black Teflon coating. However, JP offers a wider range of customizable options for the furniture (ie. buttstock, pistol grip etc) colors, finishes, Cerakote and presentation grade finishes to fit every style. JP also offers custom laser engraving of the receiver. Although we opted for a more matte finish given the impending field use, the presentation grade finish offered is a stunningly beautiful option.

A main feature of the LRP-07 features a side charging handle in place of the standard AR type t-style charging handle. The side charging handle makes charging nearly effortless and can be manipulated while maintaining a cheek weld; even in the prone position. The charging handle folds seamlessly into the rifle contour and its large ergonomic profile makes it easy to quickly grab for rapid manipulation with little need for muscle memory training. Additionally, the handle is non-reciprocating so there is no need to worry about anything getting caught in the way while firing. For individuals who wish to retain a t-handle, JP offers the PSC-12 series which offers both the left side charging handle and a traditional t-handle.

JP Supermatch barrels 416R air-gauged barrels are button rifled and cryogenically treated. The air-gauging ensures the smallest amount of runout in the barrels, which, in combination with the button rifling ensures maximum accuracy. The cryogenic treating process goes far beyond improving longevity and is a major factor in improving the operational use of the LRP as a precision rifle. One significant issue plaguing shooters is the variation in heat in rifle barrels. As the barrel heats up the barrel slightly expands causing a shift in point of impact and increased dispersion (ie. larger group sizes). A primary reason for choosing a semi-automatic rifle is the increased rate of fire. However, without high quality barrel treatment like JP’s cryogenic process, all of the benefits of higher rates of fire are ostensibly negated because shooting at higher rates of fire and thus heat builds up making it very difficult to effectively engage targets; especially at range. Many shooters have experienced ‘cold bore’ issues where the first few rounds impact in a slightly different spot until some heat builds up in the barrel and a more consistent zero is established. The cryogenic treatment used by JP significantly addresses thermal buildup/drift issues. In fact, the cold bore drift is so small we do not even bother to correct for it. JP also manufactures thermal dissipaters which act as a heat sync to further minimize thermal effects.

The JP Rifles and Supermatch barrels are also capable of superb accuracy. We routinely walk downrange to find one nice hole cut by the rounds. We have also consistently recorded single digit velocity standard deviations. Even after several thousand rounds, our JP is still maintaining exceptional accuracy.

JP LRP-07 100 Yard Group with Eagle Eye Gen 2 175gr OTM

JP LRP-07 100 Yard Group with Eagle Eye Gen 2 175gr OTM

Similar to our testing, when John Paul at JP did an ammunition comparison, Eagle Eye shot the tightest group and he also found our ammunition to consistently shoot half minute of angle or better. Additionally, our ammunition was the only one in the test that grouped with all of the rounds touching. Whether you are shooting a JP or another precision rifle, Eagle Eye Precision Match ammunition will maximize the accuracy potential of your rifle.  


Group Shot by John Paul of JP Rifles with Eagle Eye shooting the Smallest Groups

Compared to other 20” barreled rifles we have tested, we have observed consistently higher velocities with our JP. With our new Gen 2 308 win 175gr OTM cartridges, our JP chronographs at approximately 2,690 fps unsuppressed while we have chronographed other of the 20” guns, such as a TRG-22 at approximately 2,600 fps. The added velocity provides a significant advantage for long range shooting. Despite taking nearly 18 mils of elevation, the accuracy, precision and smooth functionality (more on this below) have allowed us to use the JP LRP-07 to consistently engage targets out to 1,380 yards.

JP LRP-07 5.5fps Velocity Standard Deviation, 15fps Extreme Spread with Eagle Eye Gen 2 308 Win 175gr OTM

JP LRP-07 5.5fps Velocity Standard Deviation, 15fps Extreme Spread with Eagle Eye Gen 2 175gr OTM

The JP trigger systems contribute significantly to accuracy. JP triggers feature precision ground sere and offer an exceptionally clean consistent break with no creep or take-up. The precision ground sere geometry eliminates the traditional hammer camming effect. The nearly complete absence of over travel combined with an extremely short reset makes quick follow up shots and rapid precision shooting possible. JP triggers can be configured with a number of different spring combinations to tailor the pull weight to the specific shooter and their application; all while retaining the excellent feel and functionality.

Another benefit of the JP trigger system is the speed hammer. A major drawback of typical AR triggers compared to bolt action rifles is the abysmally slow lock time. Lock time is the time it takes from when the trigger is pulled breaking the sere until the firing pin ignites the primer firing the round. The time necessary to accomplish this task in traditional AR platform triggers was historically several orders of magnitude more than bolt action rifles. This time delay can cause shifts in point of impact as the rifle drifts slightly from where the shooter was aiming. The JP speed hammer’s low mass and spring system cut lock time in half compared to traditional AR hammers.

Since AR rifle are hammer fired, this means after the sere breaks the hammer rotates upward and forward with immense torque. This torque reverberates through the rifle and can also serve to slightly push the point of impact off of the point of aim. The JP speed hammer is as close to torque-free functionality as mechanically possible. The hammers are also laser cut, cryogenically treated and hardened all the way through to 58 Rockwell. Comparatively, many other hammers are only surfaced hardened. The craftsmanship of the hammers ensures durability and reliability even under the most strenuous of circumstances.

In addition to lock time, an additional criticism of AR platform rifles for precision shooting is the impulse signature which reverberates through the rifle upon firing. Much of the recoil impulse is due to the bolt group and recoil buffer spring. For precision shooting, this increases the amount of time necessary for subsequent shots. To address this issue, JP has introduced a low mass operating system (LMOS). By reducing the mass of the bolt carrier group JP offers a very substantial improvement in the felt impulse during recoil. The LMOS has very little reciprocating mass feel and reduces the motion of the firearm during cycling. The result is the ability to quickly re-engage targets and to transition to the next target. In addition, when shooting long distance, we find it much easier to re-acquire a sight picture in order to spot our own shots with the JP LRP-07 than other AR platform rifles. The smoother operation and less reciprocating mass also helps to reduce the number of unexplained flyers.


Related to the LMOS, JP also offers a Silent Capture Spring system. Typical AR rifles simply toss a spring (which are not always ideally weighted for proper functionality) into a buffer tube. This allows the bolt some range of horizontal and vertical motion when recoiling creating a “spoon over a cheese grater” sound. In the Silent Capture spring system, the spring and weighting systems are placed over an aluminum linear guide rod. This systems offer a number of benefits. First, it offers a significant sound abatement for a quieter shooting experience; which is especially noticeable when shooting suppressed. When shooting suppressed the sounds from the reciprocating bolt and spring are highly noticeable. The varying springs and weights offered by JP allow the system to be tuned to improve functionality of the system based on barrel length, ammunition and whether the firearm is being run suppressed or not.

JP Silent Capture Spring

Perhaps most importantly, the Silent Capture system helps reduce friction and nearly eliminates the vibrations associated with traditional spring only assemblies. This contributes to improving the smoothness of operation. Combined with the LMOS, the Silent Capture system and the superb JP muzzle brake, our LRP-07 is the smoothest firing AR platform we have ever shot.

There are no shortage of AR platform and semi-automatic ‘precision’ rifles available on the market today. JP Enterprise and the LRP-07 is in a class of its own. The LRP-07 provides ½ minute accuracy, single digit velocity standard deviations consistency and the ability to engage targets beyond 1,000 yards. The smooth cycling functionality and excellent trigger system make engaging multiple targets in rapid succession easier than ever. JP checks all the major boxes a purchaser might be looking for while incorporating subtle design features that are the result of meticulous attention to detail and years of refinement. The innovative engineering of many JP components such as the the low mass operating system and silent capture spring help JP set new standards in precision semi-automatic rifles. It only takes a few shots behind a JP rifle to recognize it is something very special and worlds apart from what one might typically expect from an AR platform rifle. As a manufacturer of long range precision match ammunition, we have some of the best bolt action rifles available in our inventory. Despite that, when we go out shooting the JP LRP-07 is our rifle of choice. The LRP-07 is truly a world class rifle and one of the finest firearms one can own. 

Sniperfest Eagle Eye 308 Win - John Brooks finishes 2nd overall

Eagle Eye Precision Ammunition Sponsored John Tyler Brooks and Chad Marr to shoot at the 2017 Sniperfest against 32 other military and law enforcement teams. John, shooting our LRP-07 finished second overall and the team finished third.

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