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World Long Range Championship with the US Rifle Team and Eagle Eye Precision

Anette Wachter and Kelly Bachand from the US Rifle Team are ready to compete. We are proud to be their sponsors, Ryan Hayes is also part of the Eagle Eye team and is with Nate Guernsey at Camp Perry to get gold. 

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Eagle Eye vs the competition

Thanks David for sending us this great report. Always nice to see that we outperform the competition. When we were talking at camp perry you asked for feed back on the eagle eye 223 ammo I bought.I just spent six hours at the range shooting on the three hundred yard range.My rifle is a custom tuned [...]

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Eagle Eye Interview on AR15

Check out our interview with and see why we make the best ammunition in the world. Get the best out of your rifle and finally get some ammunition that is consistent and accurate vs any other factory or even handloads available.How do we do it? find out....

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Thank you to Eagle Eye Precision Match users for posting your pictures and reviews of our ammunition. Below is the range report from Spentbrass556. You can read the original post at: SHOT Show, I saw an AR15.comvideo with Top Shot Kelly Bachand talking about Eagle Eye Ammoand was pretty interested. Over the past 5-6 months or [...]

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Corporate Video

For The Real Eagle Eye Aficionado

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SnipersHide Challenge Ryan Hansen

Great results and plenty more to come..3 groups 3 outstanding results. Consistency is Accuracy when it comes to ammunition!-  0.568 MOA  -  0.495 MOA  -  0.354 MOARifle Savage 5RParticipate and help us to take the top ten list... Link: SnipersHide 100yrd ChallengeCan your current ammunition do that? From box to box, no matter where you [...]

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Group tests by Kelly Bachand - US Rifle Team Member

"A group down in the 0.1s MOA from a factory ammo is simply amazing" - Kelly BachandWe agree, consistency is accuracy. 

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Gun Review: Chesebro Rifle, Sightron S3 scope and Eagle Eye ammunition for consistency and accuracy

Great results from Kelly Bachand (TopShot and US Rifle Team) with his Chesebro, Sightron S3 scope and of course the Eagle Eye .308 Precision Match. Great packageCan your rifle package deliver this excellency? Each lot is tested to 0.5 MOA, can your ammo say that? Consistency is Accuracy!

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