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SnipersHide Challenge Ryan Hansen

Great results and plenty more to come..3 groups 3 outstanding results. Consistency is Accuracy when it comes to ammunition!-  0.568 MOA  -  0.495 MOA  -  0.354 MOARifle Savage 5RParticipate and help us to take the top ten list... Link: SnipersHide 100yrd ChallengeCan your current ammunition do that? From box to box, no matter where you [...]

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Group tests by Kelly Bachand - US Rifle Team Member

"A group down in the 0.1s MOA from a factory ammo is simply amazing" - Kelly BachandWe agree, consistency is accuracy. 

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Gun Review: Chesebro Rifle, Sightron S3 scope and Eagle Eye ammunition for consistency and accuracy

Great results from Kelly Bachand (TopShot and US Rifle Team) with his Chesebro, Sightron S3 scope and of course the Eagle Eye .308 Precision Match. Great packageCan your rifle package deliver this excellency? Each lot is tested to 0.5 MOA, can your ammo say that? Consistency is Accuracy!

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Gun Review: Lancer L30 Long Range Rifle with Eagle Eye for Consistency and Accuracy

Doug Larson from Harris Publications went to the range with us and shot a few boxes in his rifle.Lancer L30 Long Range Tactical, with a Trijicon scope .. and we quote: ".. This combination of ammo and gun consistently produced groups like this..."

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Gun Rewiew: Caracal CS380 with Eagle Eye ammunition for consistency and accuracy

Team Caracal tested our .308 with their CS380 with a USO scope.Besides a 0.352 MOA out of the box....  and we quote: "....It is hard to argue with a SD of 8.0 fps on a 15 round string. The rifle seems to like this stuff! More info to follow....."

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Lapua Brass VS Eagle Eye Brass

Consistency is Accuracy! Eagle Eye vs Lapua brass!Kelly (US Rifle Team, TopShot, etc) went through hundreds of cases and again it shows that we set new benchmarks. Our cases are manufactured in-house using industry leading quality CuZn28 brass with the lowest levels of impurities (ie. tin, bismuth etc). The unique combination of our proprietary heat treating process [...]

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Eagle Eye supports Sheriff Arvin West, TX - A Real Eagle Eye Aficionado

View the video here..  Sheriff Arvin West TX... ".. I tell you this shit works.. Our CMO Holger Kamin and others received honorary deputy Sheriff ID's while we supported Arvin with ammunition and training for his active border control deputies. Coming from the old world, the event clearly took one point from his bucket list. 

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​From Hansel and Gretel to Index Tracker: 3 Days with Freddy Osuna at Greenside Training

As children, many of us read the classic Grimm Brothers story of Hansel and Gretel. In the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel lay a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way back out of the forest. However, when the birds eat the crumbs the siblings find themselves lost and randomly wandering through the forest.In many ways, this simple story [...]

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Announcing TTAG’s Official Ammunition Sponsor: Eagle Eye Ammo

By Nick Leghorn on January 30, 2015When it comes to reviewing firearms, you’re only as good as your tools. We here at TTAG are known for our no-holds-barred approach to gun reviews, and while we’ve done our level best to use quality ammunition for the accuracy testing portion of these reviews, the fact is that [...]

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