308 Win Ammunition | Eagle Eye Precision Match 308 Win Berger 175gr OTM Tactical Ammunition for Long Range Precision Shooting
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  • Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr OTM Banner Image
  • Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr OTM Banner Image - 2
  • Top Shot Kelly Bachand of the US Palma Team Testing Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr HPBT
  • Eagle Eye Precision 308 Win 2.7fps Velocity Standard Deviation. Shot with 26" Desert Tech SRS-A1.
  • Thanks to Submoa17 on Instagram for his field test report of Eagle Eye Gen 2 308 Win 175gr OTM Precision Match Ammunition. Standard Deviation of 1.9 fps and an extreme spread of 3fps.
  • New Eagle Eye Precision Match 100 Round Box With Custom Molded EVA Foam Insert
  • Target shot by Anette Wachter (AKA 30calgal) of the US Rifle Palma Team - Published on Accurate Shooter
  • Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr  OTM Two Horizontal
  • Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr  OTM One Vertical One Horizontal
  • Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr  OTM One Vertical
  • Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr OTM 5.6fps Standard Deviation Labradar Chronograph Shot With JP LRP-07
  • JP LRP-07 100 Yard Group with Eagle Eye Gen 2 175gr OTM
  • Eagle Eye Precision 308 Win 4fps Velocity Standard Deviation Shot with 20" TRG-22.
  • Sniperfest 2017 - John Brooks finishes 2nd overall and John and Chad Marr finish 3rd in the team competition shooting Eagle Eye Precision Gen 2 308 Win 175gr OTM
  • Eagle Eye Precision 308 Win 175gr HPBT Ammunition on the Range with DOPE Book
  • Eagle Eye Precision 308 Win 3-Shot User Target.
  • Johnny's Custom Rifle's Testing
  • Eagle Eye Precision Factory Testing Targets
  • Snipers Hide Challenge by and Eagle Eye Aficionado
  • Sin City Precision Gun Club Velocity Testing of Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr HPBT
  • Eagle Eye Precision .308 WIN 175 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail - 7 Shot Group
  • Media Day 308 Win Testing. Groups were shot with cartridges randomly selected from three different lots.
  • Eagle Eye Precision 308 Win 3-Shot User Target.
  • Eagle Eye Precision 308 Win Glass Shoot Testing

308 Win 175Ggr OTM Ammunition


 Product Description

The new second generation Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr Precision Match OTM sets new benchmarks for accuracy and long precision shooting; especially beyond 1,000 yards. The adoption of the Berger 175gr OTM Tactical bullet combined with an optimized proprietary powder blend, improved case internal volume yields a higher muzzle velocity, flatter trajectory, less wind drift and exceptional stability through the transonic region. The result is even smaller more consistent groups and unmatched hit probability beyond 1,000 yards. Furthermore, the new 308 Win 175 OTM is also a highly effective hunting cartridge with devastating effects on game.

Eagle Eye Precision Match Ammunition is for the Real Aficionado. We design and manufacture our ammunition to exceed the demands given to us by world record setting competition shooters, military snipers and long range hunters. For those who demand the best, Eagle Eye Precision is the only choice.

To meet the demands of the most discerning shooters, every round of Eagle Eye Precision Match ammunition undergoes automated in-process inspection and is further hand inspected while being packaged. All of our new 100 round boxes of Precision Match Ammunition will include a data/range card which will be personally signed by an Eagle Eye quality engineer certifying the cartridges have been inspected and meet the highest quality standards. Our Precision Match ammunition is factory tested to ensure every lot shoots 1/2 minute of angle or better. We also velocity and trajectory match every lot to ensure unrivaled consistency. This lot to lot testing ensures that Eagle Eye shooters can rely on every single round to perform every time regardless of which box it comes from. This testing also eliminates the need to recalculate DOPE or range cards with each new lot. We use the highest quality match primers and thermally stable powders for exceptionally low velocity standard deviations and repeatable accuracy in any environment. Our cases are manufactured using the highest quality brass with the lowest levels of impurities. The unique combination of draws and heat treating allow our cases to be reloaded 10+ times. From world class marksmen concentrating on shooting the smallest groups in competition, military and law enforcement who demand precision shot placement, to long range hunters or recreational shooters plinking steel gongs from 100 yards to beyond 1,000 yards, Eagle Eye Precision is the ammunition of choice. Shooting generic match ammunition is like giving the competition a head start. How much do you want to handicap yourself by not shooting Eagle Eye Precision Match ammunition?


 Technical Details

.308 WIN
Berger 175 Gr OTM
2,750 FPS
10+ Reloads
Recommended Barrel Twist:
1:12" or faster
Ballistic Coefficient:

 Product Reviews

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  1. Outstanding round 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th May 2018

    I have shooting this round for about a year and enjoy this 308 round alot. Out of the box round with unbelievable accuracy. I’m shooting 1/2 to 1/4 MOA at 100/200 yards. I continue to shoot this round at 1000 yards with great results. I will continue to shoot this ammo and would recommend anyone who wants a great round out of box this works.

  2. Very Accurate! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Feb 2018

    2 inch 5 shot groups at 400 yards Accuracy International with Robert Gradous Barrel

  3. The best 308 ammo I have shot! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Feb 2018

    I have been shooting Egale Eye Ammo for a while now. I have shot a lot of different ammunition at different distances from 100 yards to 1000 yards. I take evaluations of ammo very serious and would not write something if I wasn’t very convenient in the ammo. I have also have a shooting partner that’s says the same thing about my ammo. I ‘m very convenient I have the best ammo for my Ruger Percision Rifle. I would recommend this ammo to anyone who wants quality ammunition.

  4. One Inch Groups at 300 yards!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Nov 2017

    Before I tried your .308 ammunition in my Armalite AR31 bolt action rifle I did a lot of research. I read countless reviews and tested ammunition from many different manufacturers. What I found was that your ammunition is simply in a class by itself... With routine hole in hole targets at 100 yards and...1" groups from prone position at 300 yards! Well under your guaranteed 1/2 MOA.You simply cannot accomplish that without the most consistent processes and components in the industry. Thank you for what you do and do so well.


  5. Better than 1/2MOA 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Sep 2017

    Unarguably the best "factory" ammo for your rifles.
    Their 175gr 308 ammo shoots well under 1/2moa out to 200, and holds that 1/2moa out at 600.
    I've used it on steel in matches out to 1100 and everytime I check a new lot/order on a chrono, I never see more than a 10fps deviation even with really getting some heat in the barrel.

    For anyone like me that doesnt have the time to reload, this is the best stuff you can spend your money on.

  6. The Best 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Aug 2017

    I have used .308 and .223 and I will keep using.
    This ammo performs like they say it will. I WILL keep buying it.
    Yes, it does cost a little more, but if you want Accuracy then this the ammo to buy.

  7. GREAT AMMO 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Apr 2017

    I 'm just getting back from Arizona in shooting two days at 1000 yards. This is my second time in shooting this new Eagle Eye Ammo. The groups were better this time. I had a group when in 10" of each other when 8/9/10 area. But overall the shooting was great and I 'm getting more confidence with this ammo and my 308 Ruger Precision Rifle. I will continue shooting this ammunition because I believe I shooting better because of it .

  8. The best ammo I have shot 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2017

    I just got back from Kingman ,AZ where I shot at the Seven Mile Hill Range. I was testing the new ammo 308 OTM tactical. I started at 100 yards to see how much difference from the regular Eagle Eye 308 ammo. I shot a starter shot, it shot two inches higher (2 Moa). Brought it down and shot 5 shots. It average (.6), then shot three shots, average (.5). I was very happy

  9. 233 and 3308 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Feb 2017

    both are 5 star accuracy

  10. Best Ammo I've found 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th May 2016

    Excellent performance from this product will definitly be ordering more. Shot sub MOA @ 100 yards and 3" groupings @ 500 yards with my Sig Saure 716 with 16' barrel. I don't claim to be the best shot out there, very happy with results non the less.

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