Sub-Half MOA Custom Builds from G&G Rifleworks

by Justin Brown, PhD

Shooting sub-half minute of angle groups is a challenge that requires finely crafted precision rifles, precision ammunition and shooter skill. If you want to shoot 5 shot groups in a hole smaller than a dime try shooting a finely crafted precision rifle like those from G&G Rifleworks with your Eagle Eye Precision ammunition for unsurpassed accuracy.

#RepostG&G Rifleworks Here's another creation we finished. It's a @remingtonarmscompany 700 short action, sporting a trued action and bolt and a tuned #x-markpro to 2.5 lbs. It's sitting in a #mcmillanstocks A1. The barrel is a factory@Remingtonarms barrel in 308. The tester scope is a mk4 LRT by leupold optics. The ammo we used for testing was Eagle Eye Precision 175gr match. The Cerakote was done in FDE to contrast the McMillan cammo pattern.