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Precision Match Ammunition

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Consistency is accuracy. Consistent breathing, consistent trigger press and consistent ammunition are essential to shooting the smallest groups every time. Until now, shooters were forced to hand load ammunition to achieve the consistency necessary for the most accurate precision shooting. Eagle Eye Precision offers small batch ammunition that is tested to 1/2 minute of angle.

- Every lot is tested to 1/2 minute of angle or better
- Highest quality brass provides 10+ reloads from each case
 - Consistent Thermally Stable Single Base Smokeless Propellant
- Match Grade Non-Corrosive Boxer Primers
- Making 1,000 yards seem close

A shooter can never shoot better than his ammunition is capable of. By making due with lower quality ammunition shooters are choosing larger less accurate groups and losing a competitive advantage. Shooting lower quality ammunition is like giving Usain Bolt a head start in the hundred meter dash. How much are you willing to handicap yourself by not shooting Eagle Eye Precision Match?

Whether you are a recreational shooter, long range hunter or world class competition shooter Eagle Eye Precision Match will give you an edge over the competition.




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