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User Review - Eagle Eye 308 Win


Sniperfest 2017 -2nd and 3rd Place Finishes

Congratulations to John Tyler Brooks for finishing 2nd overall at the 2017 Sniperfest and John and Chad Michaels finishing 3rd overall in the team competition. John and Chad were shooting Eagle Eye Precision Match Gen 2 308 Win ammunition and competed against 32 other military and law enforcement teams.

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JP LRP-07 With Eagle Eye Ammo - Semi-Automatic Precision at its Finest

JP LRP-07 Review - Semi-Automatic Precision at its Finest10 Months ago we purchased a JP LRP-07 chambered in 308 Winchester. In that time, the JP has become our 308 rifle of choice. While the LRP is generally considered an AR-10 type firearm, we would argue the similarities are barely skin deep. JP has thoroughly engineered numerous aspects and new components [...]

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Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr OTM Gen 2 Glass Shoot

The Eagle Eye Precision Gen 2 308 Win was designed to be effective in tactical applications. The testing shows the ability to obtain accurate on target groups when shot through glass. The images show a target placed approximately 15 feet behind the glass sheet demonstrating the minimal deflection allowing military and law enforcement snipers the [...]

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Sub-Half MOA Custom Builds from G&G Rifleworks

Shooting sub-half minute of angle groups is a challenge that requires finely crafted precision rifles, precision ammunition and shooter skill. If you want to shoot 5 shot groups in a hole smaller than a dime try shooting a finely crafted precision rifle like those from G&G Rifleworks with your Eagle Eye Precision ammunition for unsurpassed accuracy.#RepostG&G Rifleworks Here's another creation [...]

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Kelly Bachand Testing Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr HPBT - As Good If Not Better Than My Hand Loads!

Watch Top Shot Kelly Bachand of the US Palma Team test Eagle Eye 308 Win 175gr HPBT. Consistency is Accuracy! Is your ammunition tested to 0.5 MOA? Not some third party reloading factory, consistency consistency and consistency!!!!

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Ammunition Review: Eagle Eye Precision Match .308 Win

It isn’t often that a new ammunition manufacturer comes onto the market, and even more rare is one that makes claims as big as Eagle Eye. They don’t simply claim to be “match grade” and then leave you gessing as to what that means, they print their guarantee right on the box: 1/2 MoA groups [...]

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US Optics and Eagle Eye Ammo Partner Up

In the post-post-Sandy Hook environment, it seems like the only way to stay competitive is to get a bunch of companies together and team up — pooling resources, offering package deals, and generally supporting one another. Freedom Group was one of the first to hoover up large quantities of gun companies. There’s the ATK agglomeration, [...]

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